Doug Minkler: War Posters

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  • Al Mutanabbi Street

    In 2007 in Iraq, when the Al Mutanabbi Street book sellers were bombed, the survivors answered this senseless act by resolutely rebuilding their neighborhood. I am honored to join cultural workers from around the world who have rallied to support the book sellers and the right of free expression.

    Al Mutanabbi Street
  • Body Bags

    This poster was created to alert the public to the connection between the deaths in the Iraq war and the oil companies profits.

    Mobil Oil Co. makes body bags.

    Body Bags
  • Campus Predator

    How do you tell when military recruiters lie?

    Their lips move.

    Campus Predator
  • Cut & Run

    After one year of meetings and debate the Veterans For Peace agreed on this design. My proposal was for the vets to call for mutiny and desertion which some of us saw as a clear directive since our organization supported the Nuremberg principles. We were out-voted, but I am pleased with this compromise.

    Cut & Run
  • Double Helix

    Weaponizing the Human Genome For Peace

    The double helix moves in two directions — up towards the light and down towards the darkest dark. One direction gives us a tool to fight disease, the other a biological weapon. ...

    Weaponizing the Human Genome
  • Draw Columbus

    An educational poster designed in 1992 for teachers. This poster offers a Native American perspective of the discovery of the Americas.

    Draw Columbus
  • End Occupation of Palestine

    Individuals, churches, unions, institutions and municipalities are divesting from and boycotting Israeli products. The empty chairs in my poster represent the absent artists, academics and entertainers who are honoring the Palestinian civil society's call for a boycott.

    End Occupation of Palestine
  • Fleet Week Makes Me Sick

    Counter recruitment poster for the Peace Navy. During fleet week the military would invite children on board to stroke the bombs and handle weapons. While they attempted to excite the children a rag tag flotilla of rafts and sailboats would surround the destroyer with peace signs and chants.

    Fleet Week Makes Me Sick
  • FMLN - El Salvador

    FMLN, a once underground organization, opposed the U.S. sponsored death squads and military dictatorship in El Salvador in the '80s. This poster was created to put a human face on the FMLN.

    FMLN - El Salvador
  • Fog of War

    Gail Wiley and I created this silk screen print to help keep the cases of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning in the public consciousness. We wanted to make a positive statement about the actions these individuals took. They have given up their personal freedom so that we can see clearly what our government is doing in secret and in our name.

    Fog of War
  • Isolate Profiteers

    In 1984 I was given an opportunity to work with a the new Mac computer and state-of-the-art graphics programs by a software developer. Their hope was to use my creative experiments to help sell their programs. Most of the names on the poster were names of their perspective clients. My relationship with this company was short.

    Isolate Profiteers
  • John Brown

    This poster was created for "John Brown's Truth," a musical which integrates Afro-Caribbean, jazz, European classical, spoken-word, and dance with words and musical conception by William Crossman. The musical covers selected events, all within the year 1859.

    John Brown
  • Next Iraq

    A poster in response to the choreographed ticker tape parade presented to the troops following their return from the 1992 slaughter in Iraq.

    Next Iraq
  • Nicaragua 7 Year Anniversary

    This poster was one of 15, done by San Francisco area artists to commemorate and lend financial support to Nicaragua's 7-year-old Sandinista revolution. At the same time the U.S. was paying assassins and saboteurs to destroy the Nicaraguan Sandinista government.

    Nicaragua 7 Year Anniversary
  • Not My Fault

    The responsibility for war falls directly on our shoulders. We pay for war and do all the killing. We excuse ourselves as victims of government propaganda. Poverty only reinforces the war makers' image of us as dumb, desperate and spineless.

    War - Not My Fault
  • National Security International

    Commentary about the C.I.A.'s history of crushing grassroots struggles in foreign countries, always claiming the action was done to protect our Nation's security.

    National Security International
  • Over 50 Draft

    If those over 50, politicians, judges, lawyers, bankers and clergy were forced to go to war there would be no wars. Let those in power who wish to fight wars do it themselves.

    Over 50 Draft
  • Palestine

    Celebrating the Palestinian National Congress' adoption of a two-state peace proposal on November 15, 1988.

  • Palestinian Rights

    Stop U.S. Aid to Israel.

    Stop Israeli occupation of Palestine!

    Ending 3.8 billion dollars of U.S. aid will help bring a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

    Palestinian Rights
  • Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa Border Consultancy

    Dedicated to sharing resources, opening borders and desert preservation. Scrap the Wall. Remove, Recycle, Replant!

    Pancho Villa Border Consultancy
  • Patriotism

    "Patriotism is as fierce as a fever, pitiless as the grave, blind as a stone, and irrational as a headless man."

    — Ambrose Bierce

  • Not So Remote Control

    The U.S. uses the media to transform the public into reptilian war mongers that will eat anything smaller than themselves.

    Not So Remote Control
  • Support the Troops That Refused

    A poster created to support Tehan Jones and Eric Larson, two servicemen who refused to participate in the 1992 Iraq war.

    Support the Troops That Refused
  • Terrorists Wear Suits

    U.S. Corporations secretly sell brutal dictators everything from biochemical weapons to instruments of torture. U.S. companies illegally armed Saddam Hussein, in violation of international arms treaties.

    Terrorists Wear Suits
  • The Big Game

    U.C.'s sports programs distract the students and community from the hideous weapons labs and torture legislators that are an integral part of the University of California.

    The Big Game
  • Thoreau On Taxation for War

    The responsibility for war falls directly on our shoulders. We pay for war with our tax dollars and we do all the killing. To lay blame for wars on deceptive military recruiters and lying politicians is to evade ones personal responsibility. To withhold our military services and refuse to pay our war taxes are two things we can do today to stop the illegal Iraq war.

    Northern California War Tax Resistance
  • The Tradition Continues

    From the invasion of the Americas in 1492 by Spain, to the invasion of Iraq in 1992 by the United States, the tradition of plundering weaker nations for their resources continues.

    The Tradition Continues
  • Two Party System

    Debating the military budget is impossible when both parties stand for war.

    Two Party System
  • UC Bomb Plants

    This concert poster was made to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Peoples Park, while at the same time calling attention to U.C.'s close and continuing relationship with the war department.

    UC Bomb Plants
  • Un-Holy Trinity

    First the father rained on the people of Iraq contaminating radiation bombs. In his war & statement to the public George senior used the word God 50 times. Now his son offers us perpetual war.

    God, flag and oil is an un-holy trinity.

    Un-Holy Trinity
  • US Bombs Gaza

    This poster was created to keep the blame for the suffering and destruction where it belongs. US money, US weapons, US crimes. It was used by demonstrators at a Barbara Lee fund raising effort. She remained silent, like the rest of the politicians. Though I have not followed up on the poster's usefulness, it was destined to be used by Codepink in Washington DC.

    US Bombs Gaza
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

    U.S. foreign policy puts everyone at risk.

    U.S. Foreign Policy
  • War Makers Never Lie

    U.S. war makers never lie, except when their lips move.

    War Makers Never Lie
  • The Victors

    To the victors go the spoils; to the U.S. goes the oil.

    Two Party System
  • Wanted for Terrorism

    For Acts of International Terrorism (1985)

    Bechtel, IBM, IT&T are all guilty of war profiteering, instigating military coops in foreign countries, and causing ecological destruction.

    Wanted for Acts of International Terrorism
  • War Tax Resisters

    The responsibility for war falls directly on our shoulders. We pay for war with our tax dollars and we do all the killing. To lay blame for wars on deceptive military recruiters and lying politicians is to evade ones personal responsibility. To withhold our military services and refuse to pay our war taxes are two things we can do today to stop the illegal Iraq war.

    War Tax Resisters
  • Women of Afghanistan

    This is my 2009 poster for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

    Say no to occupation, support democratic voices in Afghanistan!

    Let us rise against the war crimes of the US and its fundamentalist lackeys.

    Women of Afghanistan

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