Doug Minkler: Ecology Posters

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  • Accidental Release Plan

    Synthetic Biology Accidental Release Plan and Risk Assesment

    * Don't Tell Anyone

    * Trivialize the Risk

    * Manipulate Media

    * Deny Responsibility

    Trust Us, We're Scientists.

    Accidental Release Plan
  • Arctic Spirits are Speaking

    This poster is currently being used by Alaskan/indigenous educator and health worker Rosemary Ahtuangaruak to call attention to a victory when Shell drillers were pushed back. Today Shell Oil and Gazprom from Russia are again threatening the arctic.

    These extractors will risk it all to get at the oil they believe is under the Arctic.

    Arctic Spirits are Speaking
  • Artists as Ashtrays

    By sponsoring sports, cultural events, and the arts, cancer manufacturer Phillip Morris uses artists to improve their public image. Hitler also used the arts community to assist his popularity in Germany.

    Artists as Ashtrays
  • Barfboro

    The artist's attempt in 1991 to associate the unbecoming act of barfing with Marlboro cigarettes.

  • Below the Waste

    In 1995 there was an emerging movement of San Francisco Bay Area environmentalists and native peoples that lived along the Colorado River. The 113-day occupation by native peoples stopped the government's action, and it canceled the test drilling. In 1999 they terminated all actions regarding the Ward Valley nuclear waste dump proposal, officially ending the long battle.

    Below the Waste
  • Biological Containment Risk

    "When scientific power outruns moral power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men."

    — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Biological Containment Risk
  • Cars Kill Everything

    The auto industry dismantled the public transportation system, fights clean air standards, sits on patents that could help with making cleaner cars and manipulates congress to rescue the industry when they are in trouble. Death arises from the use of their product — death from collisions, air pollution, and the loss of habitat for animals.

    Cars Kill Everything
  • Fukushima

    From Three Mile Island to Chernobyl to Fukushima, each type of reactor tells the same lie: We're cheap, we're clean, and we're safe. But nuclear power plants are prohibitively expensive, vulnerable to catastrophic failure and create the plutonium used in bombs. No one can afford these risks! Choose clean renewable energy.

  • Get A Life

    A poster proposing a romantic, free, bike lifestyle verses the drudgery of a polluted inCARcerated lifestyle.

    Get A Life
  • Get A Life Get A Bike

    A second poster proposing a romantic, free, bike lifestyle verses the drudgery of a polluted inCARcerated lifestyle.

    Get A Life Get A Bike
  • Got Milked?

    Milk has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones do not belong in our food. The dairy industry also contributes to environmental devastation and global warming.

    Got Milked?
  • sHell on Earth

    On November 10, 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight colleagues were hanged in Nigeria. Their only crime was exposing Shell's role in polluting their homeland.

    Boycott Shell!!

    sHell on Earth
  • Hey Diddle Diddle...

    The beef and dairy industries destroy the environment, and their products are contaminated with growth hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.

    End factory farming.

    Hey Diddle Diddle...
  • Imagine

    "If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If your want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales."

    — Albert Einstein

  • Jeju Island

    Against the protest of the islanders, the South Korean government at the request of the United States has built a large navel docking station complete with deep water spaces for the US nuclear armed submarines. This harbor was developed at the expense of subsistence women divers, and the largest soft coral habitat in the world. Stop the dangerous and destructive US Pacific Pivot.

    Jeju Island
  • Liar for Hire

    The public relations industry gives deadly corporations a clean green image, good press, never mind the mess ...

    Liar for Hire
  • More Life Without Nukes

    In solidarity with the people of Japan.

    More Life Without Nukes
  • Mr. Camel's Kids Club

    Using Mickey Mouse, the original kids' cartoon, I am attempting to call attention to R. J. Reynolds' use of Joe Camel, a similar cartoon character designed to specifically target children.

    Mr. Camel's Kids Club
  • Mr. Camel's Lumps

    The tobacco industry has a long history of marketing cigarettes to children, from the Flintstone's on TV, when I was a child, to the R.J. Reynolds cartoon camel ads of recent years. When the state of California received a ton of money to do counter-advertising, they said this "was too likely to cause a law suit."

    Mr. Camel's Lumps
  • Muscle Hustle

    While you're outside flipping the meat, the beef industry is inside your pants lowering your sperm count. There's nothing virile about cancer of the bowel and nothing masculine about eating farm animals.

    Muscle Hustle
  • Nevada Test Site

    In the Nevada desert on April 10, 1986 at 6:08 AM the United States exploded a Nuclear warhead. This test was conducted in disregard to the pleadings of its own citizens and a near unanimous world community ending the Soviet Union's 8 month old nuclear test moratorium.

    Nevada Test Site
  • No on Proposition 21

    Prop 21 targeted minority youth, and subjects children as young as 14 to incarceration in adult prisons.

    No on Proposition 21
  • Oski on Bio-Sciences

    Oski sees no danger from profit driven corporations influencing research at U.C. Berkeley, and says: "The absolute corruption of scientific objectivity is highly unlikely."

    Oski on Bio-Sciences
  • PharmaKids, Inc.

    Drug companies are stepping on each other in a rush to market their super profitable, addictive and dangerous psych-meds to children. One of the most heinous crimes of the 21st Century will be the massive over-medication of children. A physician's willingness to follow pharmaceutical companies' recommendations, prescribing dangerous drugs to children will one day be seen as criminal negligence ....

    PharmaKids, Inc.
  • Rodeo

    This piece was commissioned by Eric Mills, Animal rights activist extraordinaire. One of Eric's missions is to try and persuade rodeo promoters to have a vet on duty to attend injured animals. He said he liked my creation but would not be able to put his organization's name on the poster for fear it would make him appear antagonistic to promoters.

  • Snake Oil

    Dangerous and unsustainable industrial-scale biofuels ...

    Snake Oil
  • Snooping

    The VDT (Video Display Terminal) Coalition considers all monitoring of computer usage to be a violation of workers' rights.

  • Stop the Peripheral Canal

    Created to support the 1982 Stop the Peripheral Canal Movement in California, this water theft initiative was voted down. Today agribusiness, with freshly bought government officials, plans to slip in a delta draining tunnel. I am calling it the Tunnel of Love because of the vows politicians have taken to honer and obey agribusiness. Learning from the defeat in '82, they plan to keep this bill away from the electorate.

    Stop the Peripheral Canal
  • The Beast

    This poster was designed to begin the dialogue with children about man's destructive tendencies.

    The Beast
  • TV Cide

    Whatever is on TV comes out of our mouths or our children's mouths. The kids I show this work to have no trouble understanding this phenomenon.

    TV Cide
  • Watt Heads

    This poster was inspired by James Watt, Secretary of the Interior, whose idea of environmental preservation was to build more strip malls.

    Watt Heads

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