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Oscar Lopez Rivera poster
Oscar López Rivera

López Rivera now 72 years old was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the charge of “seditious conspiracy,” of which he has served 33. The majority of the political prisoners he was tried with were pardoned in 1999 by then President Clinton, but López Rivera declined the offer because at that moment Carlos Alberto Torres and Haydée Beltrán continued as prisoners, but were subsequently freed.

Leaders of all political stripes and diverse sectors have urged President Barack Obama to release Oscar López Rivera, after the Parole Board refused to release him. Help get Oscar out.

Visit the National Boricua Human Rights Network to help:
National Boricua Human Rights Network

Prison Dragon Poem
Prison Dragon Poem

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics organized a traveling show entitled Prison Nation, and commissioned this poster. The Asian dragon I use symbolizes many positive attributes including unity. It is a popular icon throughout the world. This poster has been placed in prisons, prison rights offices and shown in many communities all over the country. It is my hope that the un-incarcerated will read Ho Chi Minh's poem, which he wrote from prison, and help the many locked unnecessarily in cages.

Visit them at:
Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Privacy is Unpatriotic
Privacy is Unpatriotic

This was created for a good old fashion 4th of July celebration in El Cerrito, California. I believe that the appropriate response to the government's attempt to chill our free speech is more free speech. Courage is contagious. Thank You Chelsey Manning and Edward Snowden.

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